Just Keep Swimming.

9 Mar

Things are much better.

 A few weeks ago I was at my grandparents house, and I happened to I stumbled upon their copy of 1000 Places to See Before You Die. My grandparents live in a very small town and do not have internet access, so this book became a great source of entertainment during my weekend there. I made a list of all of US entries that peaked my curiosity, and even categorized them by region for an imaginary cross country road trip. One of the most interesting entries was one for the Philadelphia Flower Show, mostly because it was close to home and my sister, but also because it was only a few weeks away. As soon as I got back to the real world with internet aka home, I emailed my sister the link and asked if she would be free during that time. Turns out she was, so I just got back from my second solo adventure to Philadelphia last night. The flower show was as exciting as I would have hoped for, but there were a lot of gorgeous displays. From shoes made of natural resources like flowers and tree bark to rows and rows of contest winners. 

Here are a few pictures…


I have over 100 pictures so I might post more as the week goes on. Now I’m off to talk prom with my friends, I seriously can not believe that May will be here so soon. I’m trying to start week off right, I hope you’re doing the same! 




One Response to “Just Keep Swimming.”

  1. amylia March 13, 2009 at 2:25 am #


    And BTW, clever name! All Ways Jillian. Love it!

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