Get real and see the beauty in ugly

24 Mar

Why is it that negativity is so much easier than positivity? I know I am guilty of constantly pointing out the negative things before considering the brighter side. I think in these trying times it’s easy to quickly point out how bad things are, but what good does that do us? Even if the only good thing is that things could be worse, that’s something. So today, 5 positive things that I love.

1) Sunny mornings that signal the promise of Spring.

2) Selling tickets to a concert for more than twice what I paid for them. 

3) The reason I’m selling the tickets. The concert falls on the same night as a school coffee house, where I will help a friend ask his girlfriend to prom in front of the entire audience. 

4) A text message from a friend asking me to come help make shirts for spirit week. Even though I obviously won’t be at school to see them, it’s nice to know I’m not forgotten. 

5) Cookies and Cream ice cream for breakfast, because you only live once.


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