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5 Jun

All of my friends are graduating today. I’m happy for them, so happy, but I’m sad for me. I’ve already cried once this morning, actually I’m crying right now. I’m supposed to be there in the blue cap and gown with them, not in the stands cheering their names. This day was supposed to be mine too. I knew today would always come, but I convinced myself I would be okay. That I would be able to deal with it. That I would be going for them. I will go for them. I will cheer and take pictures and hug each and everyone of them, but a little piece of me will be crying for the girl who was supposed to walk across that stage too. My best friends seat number is Seat 9 Row 19, my birthday is 9/19. She told me that it’s fate, that I’m there with her. I should be sitting next to her, instead I’ll be in the crowd with her sister.