Manage me, I’m a mess

3 Nov

I skipped all my classes yesterday in an attempt to get on track with my workload. It was a failed attempt. I did part of an outline for something that’s due at the end of the semester and left everything else for today. Guess what I did today? Over slept, watched things on our DVR, and went out to lunch with a friend. So here’s my to do list for this week:

African American History
Catch up on reading…7 chapters. Whoops.
Outline for this weeks short essay question.
Continue to work on the outline for the final.

Psych 101
Read and take notes on 4 chapters.
Prepare for next week’s quiz.

English 101
Assigned Reading.
Prepare notes for in class essay (test grade).
Figure out what the hell my teacher is talking about during class.

Intro to Marketing
Read assigned chapter.
Complete Quiz.
Submit current event.
Complete case study.


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