The city where the people hold the power

9 Nov

Seven years ago I was in sixth grade. My sister had just gone away to college. I was at the top of the elementary school food chain. Life was good. And then one day in October something changed. A shooting. And then a few more the next day. All within a short drive from where I live. We were living in the cross fires of the DC Sniper. During 3 weeks that October, 10 people were killed and 3 others were injured. I’ll never know the pain suffered by their families. I only remember complaining about indoor recess and the school lock down. I can remember watching the a police chief give updates on the news every afternoon. I don’t remember being very scared, probably because I didn’t know better.
Tomorrow at 9PM, the state of Virginia will execute the man who terrorized the DC area. It seems like time passed so quickly. For what seemed like the longest 20 days our area lived in fear, and now seven short years later “justice” will be served. I just honestly can’t believe it. I’m not quite sure how to feel.

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