I wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it

10 Nov

Thankfully most of my friends stayed in the area for college, but a few went away and I miss them so much. One friend in particular is the reason I’m counting the days until Thanksgiving break. She’s at school in Minnesota. Who the hell goes to Minnesota, it’s what I call “fly over country”. My friend loves it there and it shows, but God I miss her. I miss her laugh. I miss the fact that she could complete my sentences when it came to our shared sick sense of humor. I miss the way she debates me when I’m wrong and tells me when I’m being ridiculous. I miss her cursing like a sailor. I miss our Panera and a movie dates. I just miss her. Skype is great, texts are fine, pictures are worth a thousand words, but nothing is better than being in the same place together. Even though we’re not the hugging type of friends I can’t wait to see her and just give her a hug. So here’s to 16 days and the Panera date we’ve already scheduled!


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