And I have no resolutions…

2 Jan

So. It’s 2010. For a long time 2009 was the only year that mattered, the year I would graduate from high school. I attached the number to screen names and email addresses as a mark of honor. Unfortunately life had other plans for me. Looking back I can’t believe the year came and went so quickly. What a whirlwind. I fell into a group of wonderful friends, who for the first time made me feel safe and at home. I watched them graduate and had the opportunity to attend prom. Over the past 12 months we’ve held hands and danced, driven cars with windows down and music blaring, and grown up. We all started our paths to higher education, in and outside of schools. It feels like 2009 was a the first personal step in the right direction that I’ve taken in a long time. I’m not quite happy with where I am. I feel like I could be doing better, but the fact that I’m aware and willing to work toward something better is what matters. So if 2009 was the year that turned me in a new direction I can only hope 2010 is the one that keeps blazing the path to my future, whatever it may be.

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