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I don’t know lately, how about you?

18 Aug

Summer is winding down. I’ll be back at school in just a few short weeks. Summer jobs and internships are ending. My friends are preparing to move back into dorms near and far away. Another year is set to begin. Is there ever a time in life when you stop counting the years in school years? Speaking of school. Last week I bit the bullet and went in for an appointment to change my schedule for this semester. I’d been debating between 2 biology classes. The one I registered for would eliminate a previous course but count towards an eventual psychology degree and the other option would allow me to maintain my previous credits in addition to the new ones. I decided to go with the second option. The biggest factor in my decision is that I’m not sure about psychology, so why would I want to give up 4 credits for something I’m not committed to? The new class fills a general education requirement and the subject matter sounds interesting to me. It’s win-win. I think. I hope.

I’ve got so much packed into these next few weeks. I’ll be hanging out with my newly unemployed friends almost everyday. Something I’m so looking forward to. I’ve missed my friends so much this summer. I just hope all the fun doesn’t make back to school even harder.


You’ll try and try and one day you’ll fly

5 Aug

Sometimes my thoughts get the best of me. They eat away at my insides, my mind mostly. If you were to peel back the skin, there beneath it all are the broken promises, shattered dreams, secret hopes, and tons of fear. Fear so overwhelming that at times it seems easier to let it swallow me up. I sit and let it in sink in for days, and then it becomes so heavy that it’s paralyzing. As strange as it sounds allowing myself to do nothing, to wallow in everything is the only way I can slow myself down enough to make a decision. Occasionally it only takes a few hours to let it wash over, usually it’s a week. So I’m back, like clock work. Turning the page. Starting again…