You’ve hit your low. You’ve lost control.*

4 Jan

It’s only the fourth day of the new year and I’m already exhausted.

It’s safe to say I’m an introvert. Surprising since I chose to write about my life on the internet, right? But honestly I draw more from myself than other people, that’s a simple version of the Myers-Briggs definition for an introvert.

I am the queen of days off and quiet time. Winter break does not lend itself to these types of activities. It’s all about making plans with the friends you won’t see until spring break and for some until the summer. We jam pack adventures to the city, nights of dancing, sleepovers, and five hour lunch discussions into a brief 4 weeks before the focus shifts and we head our separate ways back to school.

To a certain extent I love the time I spend with my friends, but it can be draining. I think I’m going to need a break from them before I have a break down. So after this brief trip to the city I’ll be taking a few days off to refocus, start writing college application essays, prepare for my winter class, and the coming semester. I think this is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over time. It’s okay to take a break. So I will.

* Just A Feeling – Maroon 5


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