Are you listening to a single word I’ve said?*

4 Feb

I’ve been thinking about something. I’m always shocked when people use different words for the same thing. Regional and familial terminology is fascinating, I mean hey there is a whole genre of chain emails related to it. I know that I have a few things I’ve taken from my mom’s central Pennsylvania upbringing and a few others that I’ve picked up from other people. Here are a few examples:

  • What do you call that fizzy drink in a can/bottle?

I call it soda. My friend from Nebraska calls it pop.

  • How about the way your skin feels when you are chilly or you hear someone sing a great song on American Idol?

Goosebumps! I’ve also heard: Chicken skin & goose pimples.

  • Another weird one. The thing that holds your hair style in place?

I call it a rubber band. I’ve heard: Ponytail, ponytail holder, and hair tie.

Here’s my favorite….

  • Those little crusty bits that form in the corners of your eyes while you sleep?

I call them sleepers. Alternates: Sleepies, crispies, sandies, eye boogers.

Have you ever encountered a term for something that has just caught you off guard? You’d just never thought someone would call it that.

I think one day I’ll record my funny pronunciations. Did you know that orange is pronounced with an Rrr? Well, at least that’s how I say it!

*Wordplay – Jason Mraz


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