“Go to college, a university, get a real job.” That’s what they said to me…

6 Apr

I have a scholarship interview tomorrow at the school I wrote this essay for. I’m a semi-finalist, meaning that even before I walk in the door I have a 75% scholarship guaranteed. The catch is, I’ve already accepted admission at my first choice school. My future school has not offered me any money, I would have to live on campus, and I haven’t gotten into the program for my major, but I’m banking on it anyway. This might sound crazy. Why turn down the nearly guaranteed full ride? The school that is a stone’s throw from your front door? Well it’s simple. I know that I would never be happy at the scholarship school.

Ironically, tomorrow I’ll have to go to this interview and say the exact opposite. I’d make a great asset to the University of Scholarship because “When I’m involved in something like club XYZ at my community college I really put my heart into it. I’m dedicated and I will do whatever I can to make something happen when it comes to the things I’m passionate about.” What are my strengths and weaknesses? “Well they are one in the same really. I often take on too much because I my disposition is to be as helpful as I can be, but this often leads me  to a great deal of stress. In the end, I’m always able to complete whatever is thrown at me and I still find it hard to remind myself that a little less can be best.” Case in point: The whole reason I’m going to this interview. I have to do it because someone asked me to. I’m nervous about making a fool out of myself, but my community college advisor recommended that I go to keep up appearances with Scholarship University. I agreed, half-heartedly. So tomorrow at 11:05, I’ll sit in front of scholarship committee of 10! To sell myself, when I’m already sold on another school.

The Anthem – Good Charlotte


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