Everybody look to their left, everybody look to their right.

11 Apr

I didn’t need the pro-con list. Although, I had a brilliant one planned out in my head with pros as silly and serious as “cute boys” and “better program for my major”. I attended new student day at First Choice University and as the president spoke, I knew I was home. There should have never been a doubt in my mind. It’s the perfect fit and it always has been. So here’s to being at the school where the president asks you to look to the left and right and says “if all of you don’t graduate, we’ve failed.” I’m ready. I’m excited. And maybe just a little bit scared. I’m no longer trying to interpret everything as a sign against this school. Here’s to getting out of the house, getting a job, and never coming back…or you know just for holidays and family dinners because, ” your parents want to use that room for other things.”


Price Tag – Jessie J feat. B.o.B.


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