You can’t regret it if you were trying, if you were trying…

12 Apr

Bad news. There will be no scholarships from First Choice University. While my 3.68 GPA is “commendable” it is not “competitive enough”. So there’s that. And so much more.

Maybe I spoke too soon. I keep seeing signs. Doubts are creeping in. My advisor seems to think I’m making the wrong choice. I know my father thinks I am. My mom, sister and friends all say they are with me no matter what. But I’ve already put down my deposit and I don’t have the money to make one at Scholarship University. I’ll find out if I got the full ride by Friday.

The biggest reason that I would chose the University of Scholarship is the money and the prestige.

I could also live at home or move out with the money that I wouldn’t be paying tuition with. I would barely have a commute and graduate debt-free-ish. It seems like a no brainer. I could be happy. I could make it work. I could. I think.

I hate being in limbo. I’m going to visit the program on Friday morning. I can’t cross it off the list until then.

I hope that one day I have more to write about then whining about turning down scholarship money.


Heart of a Lion – Kid Cudi (Explicit)


One Response to “You can’t regret it if you were trying, if you were trying…”

  1. colleen April 12, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    You’re not whining. It’s confusing and a difficult decision.
    No advice, just a big hug!

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