Is there anyone out there?

21 Apr

Random thoughts:

  • I’ve been really into my horoscope lately. Probably because it’s so spot on. I am truly a virgo.
  • I really love Casey on American Idol. Like a lot.
  • DWTS I ❤ Kirstie and Maks!
  • Justin Bieber needs to come out with a summer jam. Yeah I said it. JUSTIN BIEBER!
  • I’m graduating in just over a month!
  • True Blood June 26!
  • I need a job…but I know it will all work out.
  • I can’t decide if I should take a painting or drawing class this summer. Maybe sculpture?
  • It’s cold outside. Yesterday it was 85. Spring is weird.
  • Boys…waste of time.
  • Friends…life is simpler when you keep the best ones super close.
  • I’d make a horrible roommate.


Harder to BreatheMaroon 5 (Performed by Casey Abrams)

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