There are places I’ll remember all my life

14 Jun

Speaking of my grandmother.

Each time that we make the trip to the tiny coal-mining town my mother used to call home, I get this feeling. One day I won’t travel these two lane roads through the mountains. No one I love will be left in this town. Perhaps the amusement park where I rode my first rollercoaster will still be open when I have children of my own, and we’ll take a trip back in time. But otherwise, one day that place won’t be my second home, the place where I’ve always felt safe. The home my grandfather was born in won’t be ours; someone else will make memories in the attic and hide under the basement stairs. I’ll always have my own memories of trips to the pool, Christmas dinners, sitting on the porch on hot summer nights, and all the neighbors knowing our names, but it won’t be our town anymore. It’s weird and all circle of lifey. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, and that’s life really: an unknown journey. Growing up is the strangest thing. They should really write a handbook or something.

In My Life – Johnny Cash cover (The Beatles)


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