I get all worked up then I let myself down

16 Jun

So. Remember that guy? The one who drove my car. I kind of/maybe/who knows… went out on a date with him this past weekend. Actually, it wasn’t a date, just the most awkward night of my entire life. But it got me thinking about relationships and my diabetes.

Until now, diabetes and boys have never really mixed in my life. Actually, let’s face it; generally boys and I have never mixed. Somehow I made it all the way to nineteen (almost 20) without a single boy as a serious part of my life. What can I say, I’m a girl who only has girls for friends and I’ve never really been super interested in dating etc. So these are seriously uncharted waters. I’ve got some ideas about diabetes and dating, but seeing as they are untested I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out.


Number one: It’s a generally a policy to be open about my diabetes. What I mean is that while I don’t wear a sign on my forehead with “Diabetes” written on it, I don’t hide my pump or really shy away from testing in public. It’s usually a good conversation starter and teaching moment. This situation was unique because the guy already knew. He drove my car because of high blood sugar. So that base was covered. Next time…who knows.

Number two: How much to share/how involved? I’m not sure. We’ll see where it goes each time a guy comes up to bat. My sister asked me a question about management. If I had a boyfriend/husband/whatever how much would they be involved? My first instinct is that it would be very basic. I would expect an understanding of what Type I Diabetes is and a general idea of how I manage it, but I wouldn’t want them to be directly involved. On the other hand, I think if things were serious, I would want someone who was comfortable with all the elements of management. Can you program a bolus? Do you know how to insert an infusion site etc? But that stuff would just come in time. It’s MY diabetes, not anyone else’s. I would mostly just expect support.

Number three: Sex…it happens. Yeah. I don’t know. Not really on my radar. I guess I’ll go read that old post of Kerri’s, you know the one I’m talking about.

Back to mending my poor little heart after the worst “just friends” phone call ever. They don’t call it a crush for nothing.


Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble


One Response to “I get all worked up then I let myself down”

  1. colleen June 16, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    Awww, big hug – I know, just another of the girlfriends but big hug anyway.

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