So put me back together now…

29 Jun

So of course as soon as I posted that last one, my mom was able to get in contact her friend. We will see where it leads. I’m more on the “get a good experience and learn something” side of things than the “sell my soul for 7.25 an hour “one, so if it works out I’ll be pretty happy. Thanks to Scholarship University, my finances will be just fine when school starts, although I still want to look for an on campus job. Right now, it’s just making sure I can make it through the summer in a productive and happy manner.

Something I forgot to mention in the last post is what is really eating away at me with the whole “get a job” situation. I feel like my parents in particular, don’t recognize what I’ve been going through over the past few years. Not to toot my own horn, but I seriously turned my life around. Typically, I’m the last person to say I’m doing amazing, but I am. I’m always thinking of the people I know and those I don’t, who do more. I can find a million ways to show how my situation is a cake walk compared to others. But I’ve worked my ass off managing my diabetes, getting back into traditional school, finding ways to make my brain foot the bill for college, coming to terms with my mental health, and setting goals for my future, and that’s no small thing on a personal level. I didn’t have most of those things two years ago, I barely had a direction. Now I’m doing well, and I just wish they would recognize it. Laugh all you want, but my love language  is words of affirmation. I honestly, need people to tell me that I’m doing well to help me believe it. Without that it feels like I’m wasting my time. Sad, but true.


Stitch By Stitch – Javier Colon


One Response to “So put me back together now…”

  1. Lauren June 29, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    It’s not sad! We all need a pat on the back sometimes! parents can be the toughest too, but just try to do what makes you happy!

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