But I’m just fine moving forward

30 Jun

I know most of my readers are D-peeps so here’s a little D for ya:

You know that saying that bad things happen in threes? I think it really applies when you have diabetes.

The first bad thing: Towards the middle of May, my insulin pump died. It made a few weird sounds, a last goodbye song, and the screen went black. Of course this happened when my mom (who handles all the insurance/health things) was out of town caring for my grandparents and right in the middle of a terrible low. So what did I do? Made my sister call Animas to pretend to be me and order the new pump. And double of course, the back up long acting insulin I had was expired and it was a Saturday. So a phone call to the emergency number for my doctor was also required.

The second: Hershey Park, last week of May…not the dream location for any person with diabetes. The roller coasters and pumps don’t mix, so I was on Levemir with my pump for bolusing. It was raining. My Dexcom was in a double plastic baggie inside of my waterproof bag. I didn’t even ride a roller coaster. I was the driver for my group. My blood sugar stayed relatively sane for the occasion. But this event leads to number three.

Three: A few weeks ago. My Dexcom died. I suspect that day in the rain may have been the final straw. I’d definitely dropped in on several occasions before that, but who knows if a little rain snuck it’s way in. After a few emails back and forth I was back on my Dex in a few days time. 

Diabetes management requires so much…management.


Other summer diabetes bits:

I’m having issues keeping my Dexcom stuck. I’ll admit I’ve been able to keep a single sensor in for 14 days in the past. But with swimming and sweating…I’m peeling by day three and the only thing that works really well (Skin Tac and medical tape) makes me itchy and red… If I switch out with IV Prep it’s better but it doesn’t last and I end up ripping the site out as I try to replace the wilting tape. 


Creepy fingers are back. This isn’t even the worst they have looked this summer.

Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney


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