I can be your hero

20 May

Let’s end our week on a high note and blog about our “Diabetes Hero”.  It can be anyone you’d like to recognize or admire, someone you know personally or not, someone with diabetes or maybe a Type 3.  It might be a fabulous endo or CDE.  It could be a d-celebrity or role-model.  It could be another DOC member.  It’s up to you – who is your Diabetes Hero??  Find More Posts Here

If I’m being completely honest, I am my own diabetes hero. On a day to day basis, I do the footwork. I check my glucose, change my pump sites. I wake up in the middle of the night. I manage ordering prescriptions. It’s all about me, but as we in the DOC know, it takes a village to raise a child with diabetes.

I can’t thank my mother enough for being my only diabetes care provider for the majority of my adolescent and childhood years. Although I am the only one steering this diabetes ship these days, she still checks in with me from time to time. Offering helpful words, encouragement, and reality checks.
Thank you to my current endo, who has seen me through the brutal early teen years. From A1c’s around 12 to the under 7 happy place. For pushing me, but letting things be my decision. For saying he’s proud of me and meaning it. It means a lot.

I encourage everyone to pat themselves on the back and also thank those who lift you up. Everyone is a hero when they face diabetes.

Hero – Enrique Iglesias


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