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So I just let go of what I know I don’t know

20 Jun

I still haven’t figured out how I feel about this whole my life on the internet/what to share/privacy/are there rules? thing, but how can I expect to learn anything if I don’t even try to write? I think I just need to loosen up.

At first I hesitated moving away from writing strictly Diabetes related posts, the whole writing what you know thing. But honestly I’m more than Type 1 Diabetes. Hell, I haven’t even checked my glucose since 10 o’clock last night. This blog is called ALL Ways Jillian after all. So, I think my new challenge is to not worry about all the rules or doing it right, but just sharing. It starts today.

After an intense and way too fast 3 weeks of summer classes, I can officially say I’m a senior at Scholarship University. That really, really freaks me out. A year from now supposedly I’ll be ready for the real world. I have no idea what that will mean for me. I guess I have almost 12 months to figure it out…or not. Technically, I have my whole life to figure it out.
Tomorrow I’ll be on my way to spend about 5 weeks with my uncle and his family. After my grandmother’s death, I knew I had to take my aunt up on the offer to spend a good portion of the summer with them. I’ll be there as a live in babysitter and helping shuttle my little cousins around town. They live about 5 hours from us, so we only see them for holidays. I think it will be a really great experience, but this is also the first time I’ll be away from my house and family for more than a weekend. I’ve never been to camp or away to college, so it will be a huge change. Packing is so difficult. I have an entire bag of just D stuff, and I’m sure I’ve totally over packed in that department. So I’m off on an adventure. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about while I’m there, but I’m not sure when I’ll have another chance so until then I’ll leave you with this…

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Living In The Moment – Jason Mraz