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Greetings from…

15 Jul

New Jersey. I’m writing this from my phone. I haven’t used a computer in over a week.

New Jersey is quite possibly the strangest state I’ve ever been to.
I’m really enjoying spending time with my cousins, uncle and aunt. It’s a total shift from only seeing them a few times a year to living with them for a short period.
Kids are so funny and refreshing. I wish I could write all the wonderful things they come up with. From mispronunciation to silly outfits.
I’ve met a lot of interesting adults with successful careers, a lot of moms who play tennis. It’s a total shift from what I’m used to at home. My uncle says “it’s not wrong, it’s just different.” I keep reminding myself of a phenomenon my friends and I often talk about; reverse ignorance. We had the privilege of growing up in an extremely diverse area both racially and socioeconomically. I’m used to variety. None of my friends look the same or come from the same household structures. I like it that way, but I’m aware it’s atypical.
Here. Things are so different. For being so near to one of the most vibrant cities on earth the kids here seem to all enjoy the privilege of wealth and a (unknowing) comfort with a total lack of diversity. I don’t remember talking about how big my friends’ houses were at 12. That stuff just didn’t cross my mind. Another thing is most of the kids I meet on my daily outings with my cousins always say something about me being the babysitter, as if having a cousin of another race (or half race) is an impossible thought. My cousins are quick to correct, but it’s still strange. One girl, who I’ve since won over with my taste in nail polish color and willingness to swim with kids, said she thought I was someone else’s babysitter who just happens to be an older black woman. I get it. They are kids. They don’t know, but still…it’s strange to experience.

A big joke around here is “are you going to tweet or blog that?” I often respond that it’s all material for my book. I even outted this blog last night (I hope no one new is reading this), but honestly this will be my one and only post from the Garden state. All of these people have welcomed me into their world, this won’t be The Nanny Diaries New Jersey Edition.

I’m counting the days until I’m home…14.

Until next time.